‘Signature collection’

This summer we are launching the ‘Signature collection’ photo shoot package.

For only a £90 upfront cost, which books the shoot, you will have a 2 hour photo shoot and one full days editing, with pictures priced individually.

Included in this amazing shoot price, in conjunction with EQCLUSIVE we are sending each person a Alan Davies grooming brush, specially picked out by Alan , Charlotte Dujardin’s amazing super groom, to help you gain that perfect finished presentation for your horse before your shoot! Alan has recomended the Mr Glossy brush to help get your horse photoshoot ready. Your brush will arrive before you shoot so that you can use it in preparation for your photoshoot.

We know you are going to love this brush so much so we have secured an exclusive discount for you to help you build your collection once you have booked the Photoshoot.

We are also offering a special keepsake box to store prints in alongside an engraved USB stick with your chosen pictures on.

This is our best photo shoot package we’ve ever offered and due to this we only have 50 shoots and therefore 50 dates available for this. There is ability to travel nationwide, so you are not restricted by area, however these dates will be taken up fast so do not hesitate to book in!

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