Equine Camera Lessons

Equine Camera Lessons

We are pleased to release five brand new slots for our 1-2-1 lessons!

Plus BRAND NEW for 2018 we have a group session now available.

See Below for details:

1-2-1 Camera Lesson.

Our 1-2-1 camera lessons have been so popular and they are coming back to 2018 bigger and better! Firstly we have now secured 7 new locations across the Uk to host them.

We are now pleased to offer camera lessons in Kent, London , Newcastle , Berkshire , North Wales and Gloucestershire.

We cover things like:

Camera settings
Lens collaboration
Choosing a location
Portrait photography
Black background
In hand pictures
Ridden pictures
Action shots
Under jump camera work
Taking pictures of products you use

And much much more! We can add and remove elements as required.

The lesson will be with myself and we will supply the location, horse and model for the day.

The cost is only £220 and includes Teas, Coffees and Lunch.

Group Camera lesson.

Brand new for 2018 our group camera lessons aim to be more cost effective but also just as fun and informative. They cover everything as above and are available at the same locations. The key difference is that you will be part of a group of up to 5 people all looking to learn the same as you.

There will be an additional instructor there on the day to help everyone along the way and we will include lunch and drinks just as before.

The cost is £90 Per Person.

As always these course slots book up so quickly ! And don’t forget you are booking the slot we then arrange the date with you!

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