Advertising Package joins forces with Events Through a Lens to bring you the ultimate video advertising packages that’s both budget friendly, flexible and delivers on performance.

What you'll get

The package

Choose from:

1 x 40s Hero Video


4x 10s Reel style pre/mid rolls.


1x unskippable 40s Hero Video Broadcast


1x unskippable 10s Pre or Mid Roll stream

You'll also get:

Tailored geotargeting

Tailored geotargeting including up to 35k impressions on your ad

Mobile and website banner

Mobile and website banner

Agreed upon 6 week time framed campaign

Agreed upon 6 week time framed campaign

Full use of your videos

Full use of your videos on your own platforms for 6 months

All this for £4,800

Includes £1,500 worth of advertising space on ClipMyHorse.TV

The opportunity

Events Through A Lens will create compelling video contentfor your brand, then you have a range of options as to how to advertise this across high traffic search pages within ClipMyHorse.TV such as:

Commercial spots

Mid rolls

Pre rolls

Digital & mobile banner space

All content comes with customisable targeting and highquality tracking allowing you to target by country, viewer location, event or discipline ensuring your advertising has the necessary measurable impact required for your business with
all assets leading straight back to your chosen web page.

You can even decide the distribution of your ads – choosing where and when your ads are seen and how often – and decide how the content is rotated for maximum viewer and brand impact.

With no ‘skip button’ and with your content always running ‘above the action’ your ads will get the best exposure possible.


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